Welcome to our next exciting ODC release, our workbook, 'A Strategic Roadmap For Dyslexia Parent Groups' compiled from the many notes we took during our process taking on our school district.
We are very proud to be able to release this workbook for free in the hopes that it will help you on your journey.  Allow us to walk you through the process to download a PDF version if you want to have your own copy or would like a printed version.
Please find the whole book, however if you want to download your own please follow these steps:
1.  Click button below titled 'Printable PDF'
2.  A Dropbox link will open, which will show the entire document. 
3.  If you don't have/don't want a Dropbox account, click out of the window prompting you to join.
4.  In the upper right corner of the browser page, you will see three buttons: Sign in, Sign up and the download icon.  Click the download icon and it will download directly to your computer!
5.  If this doesn't work for some reason, feel free to email us at (OurDyslexicChildren@gmail.com) and we will gladly send a PDF via email.
Enjoy this passion project!

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Thank you!
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